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God gave Marg Pollon a vision and deep desire to provide opportunities for the local church to reconnect with the community.  Due to this vision and her love and passion for serving the Lord, Bridges of Love Ministry was birthed.  The Ministry became a Religious Society in 2004 and gained Canadian Charitable Statue in 2008.  The connecting bridge has varied over the years but the core message has remained contant.  Christians must reflect God's character in order to be a visible witness to the watching world.  The Great Commanment, to love God and our neighbour, is essential to demonstrate tangible proof of God's existence.  Living Proof of a Loving Saviour became our mission.

As with any great bridge, the structure can take many forms.  Emergency
Preparedness became our connecting 'bridge' nine years ago, when Dr. Tim
Foggin invited us to help mobilize Canadian Churches to be prepared with
an effective response should a influenza pandemic become a reality.  He
knew the writing was on the wall and the world was indeed over-due for
such a catastrophic event. 

Why does Bridges of Love exist?  To provide opportunities for the local church to be a catalyst for change and engines of influence, reaching out with a greater concern for, and an irresistible influece on those in their community.

What is Bridges of Love's purpose?  To unleash followers of Christ to be a guiding light in their community making a greater impact for God's Kingdom, reflecting His LOVE.

What is Bridges of Love's structure?  A Registered Canadian Charitable Organization

What is Bridges of Love's strategy?  To reconnect the Church with the Community providing
opportunities and inspiration through the Faith Emergency Preparedness Initiative and Community Emergency Response Team training.

ABOUT US - Matthew 22:36-39